5 Amazing Tips For A Better Sex Life

Sex Life

If you’re a virgin and want your first time to be heavenly, surfing online for some tips here and there wouldn’t harm anyone. While the first times can be awkward, by following the right steps, you can ensure that you and your partner both have a great time.  

Virgin or not, anyone can benefit from some quick tips that can help them get over a sexual rut. If you too, are going through a sex dry spell, this article explores some handy tips that can help reignite the passion in your sex life. Keep reading ahead to know more. 

Communicate With Your Partner  

Escort advisors suggest that the sole reason why the sexual fire in your relationship is dying can be due to a lack of transparent communication. A lot of couples ultimately avoid conversation, especially when it comes to areas like sex and pleasure. Therefore, if you feel like sexual pleasure is going downhill for you recently, it is highly advised that you let your partner know.  

If you’re nervous about bringing up the topic during the middle of sex, find the right time and place to discuss it. Communicating about your needs while being completely honest can help you recover from the “pleasure drought” you are encountering. Furthermore, in case of an argument, make-up sex is always a good idea! 

Understand Your Body  

Another reason why your partner isn’t able to pleasure you might be because you do not understand how to pleasure yourself. This is the case for a lot of women, as they might only consider satisfying their partner during sex and not themselves. Understanding your body is a key factor in attaining sexual satisfaction since not everything works out for everyone. 

Studies have proven that only a minority of women can orgasm from penetrative sex alone. If you’re one of them, it is important to understand that it is perfectly normal, and understanding what satisfies you might be the only thing you’re lacking. It is only when you know your body that can you discuss your needs with your partner. 

Get Rid of Vanilla Sex  

If “regular” sex is not working out for you, maybe it is time to spice things up by introducing kinky stuff into the bedroom. Spend some time with your partner discussing and listing out your fantasies, kinks, and fetishes to meet on a common ground that satisfies the both of you. On the other hand, if you desperately want to explore your kinks but do not have a significant other, you can always hire an escort who is trained in areas like BDSM and roleplaying. 

While exploring bondage and submission, it is important to be careful to ensure you do not overstep boundaries. Come up with a mutual “safe word” that is going to be helpful in case things start to get uncomfortable for either of you. Make sure that you and your partner both enjoy the activities you indulge in, and there isn’t only one person in the bedroom benefiting from it. 

Master The Art of Foreplay  

Foreplay is an integral part of the entire sexual experience, especially if you’re a woman. Since a lot of women do not achieve orgasms from penetrative sex alone, clitoral stimulation becomes highly necessary. Furthermore, excellent foreplay might be the only way for women to get turned on and want sex. So, if you’re a woman wondering why you do not feel like having sex with your partner, chances are that he might just be bad at foreplay. 

While the need for foreplay is far greater in women, men too, enjoy foreplay before sex. Foreplay enhances arousal and gets blood rushing to the clitoris, which helps turn women on in an instant. Additionally, foreplay also gets the vaginal lubricated with precum. Proper lubrication is highly necessary for pain-free sex and to avoid bleeding. 

Maintain Good Health  

Lastly, if you feel like you’ve been experiencing a low sex drive recently, it might be possible that you’re not prioritizing your physical health. Sexual well-being goes hand-in-hand with physical fitness, and it is only if you’re fit and healthy that can you boost up your sex life.  

Studies have proven that obesity can decrease your sexual libido, leading to a low sex drive among both men and women. Additionally, it can also result in a poor body image, causing you to not feel comfortable stripping in front of your partner. Therefore, consider exercising, eating right, and doing plenty of walking to lose some extra pounds that might be interfering with your sex life.  

Summing It Up  

Following these tips might just completely change your game in bed, or help you recover from days of not feeling the spark in your sex life. For those of you who do not have a partner to try out steamy sex with, head over to Ladys.one and hire the woman of your dreams!