How to Make Sure You’re Eating Plenty of Greens

How to Make Sure You're Eating Plenty of Greens

Eating greens can help your health, but you may not be a big fan of them. So, how do you get more of them into your diet? You know how important it is to eat vegetables, but it can be hard to eat more of something you don’t particularly like. Thankfully, there are tons of ways to add more greens to your diet. Try some of the following to see what works best for you. 

Take Greens Supplements

Supplements can be a fantastic way to get the benefits of greens without having to eat them, especially if you don’t like raw greens but want as many nutrients from them as possible. Simply take one of the greens supplement capsules with one of your meals to get the added nutrients with no fuss and no major changes to your diet. Of course, you may still want to add them to your diet in other ways, too. 

Make a Smoothie

A smoothie can be a great way to enjoy more greens. Depending on the other ingredients you add, you can create a taste you love and will enjoy every day. Try out different options for a green smoothie to find one you love or try mixing and matching your favorite ingredients to create one that tastes amazing. Don’t forget to add in other ingredients like peanut butter for the added protein to have a delicious meal or snack. 

Add to Oven-Cooked Dishes

Add in the greens to an oven-cooked dish to boost the flavor and have a meal you enjoy. Many meals can benefit from having a little bit of greens added in, you’ll feel great about eating more greens, and you’ll enjoy them more. When the foods are cooked in the oven, the flavors can meld together, creating a more delicious meal so you’re more likely to eat all of the greens. 

Make an Omelet

Make an omelet and add finely chopped greens to it. Add in any other ingredients you typically like in your omelet for a fast and delicious meal for breakfast or dinner. You won’t be able to taste the greens as much when they’re mixed in with the eggs and other ingredients, but you’ll still be getting all of the benefits of the greens.

Have Some Chips

Chips may be another way to enjoy greens, and they’re easy to make. Follow a baked greens chips recipe to create your own at home to enjoy. Add on your favorite seasonings for even more flavor or to create chips you feel good about snacking on during the day. 

Dehydrate and Powdered

Dehydrating greens is simple, and a dehydrator can be inexpensive, it just takes some time to do. Once the greens are dehydrated, you can enjoy them as a snack. Or, if you’d like easier ways to add them to meals, crush the dehydrated greens into a powder. Add a spoonful when you’re making food or creating a smoothie to get the benefits of greens without the taste.

Even if you’re not a fan of greens, there are ways to add them into your diet. Try out a few of the methods here to make sure you’re eating enough greens throughout the day and that you’re going to get all of the nutrients you need from them.