Wonolo vs Instawork: Who Wins The Battle of Gig Platforms?

Wonolo vs Instawork

Nowadays when the market is entirely flooded with the working professional, it gets difficult to find the deserving candidates for the job. With digital solutions joining the league, things are changing now with gig based platforms entering the market with the focus on helping businesses find the deserving professionals for the job. 

Two of the leading online platforms enabling job seekers to find the job: Wonolo and Instawork. The debate between the two starts as both are giants and hold the great positions in the market allowing the job seekers to count on them to find the most preferred job within the industry.

Similarly, to take your service online to land in front of professionals, investing in a home service script wins the deal.

Let’s get back on track. It’s time to continue the battle between the giant marketplace to find the right job. Read on to explore the crucial differences between the two leading platforms to look for the job.

About Wonolo

Wonolo is the online platform that allows working professional to find jobs easily. This online solution grants you easy access to connect to the job market. This is useful choice for business and even for job seekers. Since it helps in finding permanent or temporary work opportunities. Wonolo was introduced to the market in 2013 and has gained popularity due to its user-friendly interface, wide job opportunities, and straightforward payment system.

Key features

  • Variety of jobs. With Wonolo, you can find job openings in various industries. Many types of staffing services are available, such as retail, warehousing, event staffing, and more. The diversity of Wonolo allows individuals to explore different kinds of work and develop their skills accordingly.
  • Transparent pay rates. The transparency of the pay rate offered by Wonolo is one of its greatest strengths. Workers can identify the hourly wage or pay rate on each job listing, which helps to provide a clear understanding of the compensation they can expect.
  • Algorithm for matching jobs. With its sophisticated job-matching algorithm, Wonolo matches workers with gigs that fit their skill set, location, and availability to provide them with the best possible employment opportunity. With this feature, Wonoloers have a greater chance of finding suitable employment opportunities.

About Instawork

With Instawork, employers and job seekers can connect within the food and hospitality industry. Based in San Francisco, California, Instawork was founded in 2015 by Sumir Meghani and Vikrum Aiyer. Hotels, catering companies, and restaurants can find flexible staffing solutions with this platform.

Key features

  • Matching jobs. Instawork allows job seekers to find gigs matching their skills, location, and availability based on an algorithm. Using this feature makes it easier for workers to find jobs that are suitable for them.
  • Scheduling flexibility. Instagwork gives gig workers the freedom to work whenever and wherever they want. Flexible scheduling is especially helpful for people with irregular schedules or seeking part-time work.
  • Get cash out every day. Instawork daily cash-out option is one of its best features. Earnings are deposited into their accounts the same day they complete a job to provide workers with rapid access to their earnings. Nevertheless, this service may be subject to fees.

Major differences between Wonolo vs. Instawork

An easy-to-use user interface

User interface is what defines the success of the application especially when it is about the gig or work based application. Wonolo app is commited to deliver best ever experience to the users and is one stop pathway to get the available gigs. This is even the best platform for those with limited technical skills. Whereas, Instawork do offer the seamless experience and user friendly interface but it sometimes compromises the look.

Both apps allows you to create profiles and search for the most perspective job available in the market. There are some people who wants to keep things simple, InstaWork is for them. However, those with more focused towards appealing interface, Winolo is the best bet.

Availability and variety of jobs

Both Instawork and Winolo are focused towards offering across multiple sectors and industries. Finding the right job is also dependent for area you are based in. 

Wonolo opens up opportunities for wide range of sectors that deal in offering various staffing jobs which includes retail, warehouse and cleaning.

However, InstaWork is more focused towards opening up job opportunities within the hospitality and food industry which includes restaurants, caterers, and hotels. Now, the choice is yours. Choosing either of them is based on your preferred industry.

Earnings and payments

Best Gig apps are primarily chosen based on earnings and payment methods. Workers can find the pay rates for each job on Wonolo and Instawork, making it easier to decide whether the job is worth their time.

Winolo pays competitively and pays workers by direct deposit or prepaid debit card. Alternatively, Instawork offers daily cash-outs, so workers can grab their money the same day they finish. If you are seeking quick access to your funds, this feature may interest you.

Matching and notification of jobs

Gig workers must be able to match their skills and availability with gigs that are appropriate for their skills. With the help of an algorithm, Wonolo matches the profile and preferences of workers with suitable jobs. A notification system alerts users to new job opportunities based on their preferences.

Instawork matches workers with gigs using an algorithm and provides notifications when new opportunities arise. Instawork’s matching process isn’t as accurate as Wonolo’s, so job recommendations might not be as relevant as those on Wonolo.

Flexibility and Scheduling

Flexibility and schedules is the major factor to continue the battle between the two giants. Wonolo offers you complete flexibility and schedule times to make it suitable for anyone seeking a well scheduled job for the side hustles.

Whereas, Instawork is great at flexibility since it follows complete transparency and allows you to cash out immediately after the job is done. 

Coverage area

Wonolo and InstaWork both have a great coverage area allowing you to make most of the benefit from it and find the best job for your preferred industry. There is no such stiff competition between them since it depends on the job seeker and companies seeking the right person for the job. 

Before choosing any platform, it is essential to consider whether the particular platform has an active presence within your locality. Choose only that platform which is well intend to meet your needs.

Customer Support

Customer support is a great distinguishing factor that allows you to address all the issues you are facing while using the application. Wonolo has a great customer support team and users always return happy getting all their concerns addressed on the go. 

Whereas, Instawork does offer greater customer support but most users complain about longer waiting times. They have long wait times than Wonolo. Always keep customer support on top since it helps your decision easier in making the choice.


You cannot reach a one side conclusion when both the platforms are doing good for companies and job seekers to get the job and deserving candidates. Depending on the preference and industry you can choose the platform that fits well in your domain.
Both the platforms are on the go solutions for companies to find the best ever candidate to add value to the company. It’s essential to pick an app that fits your needs and preferences. To figure out which gig platform is the best fit for you, try out both. If you want to kickstart a handyman or home cleaning business, developing a handyman clone app is a great start to business expansion.