How do I get my natural product number NPN? 

natural product number

Many people around the world like natural products, including cosmetics. Because they think they are good for their health. If you want to sell your natural cosmetic product in Canada. You must understand and follow the rules and regulations. And get a Natural Product Number (NPN) from Health Canada. This NPN shows that your product meets the required safety and quality standards.

Regulatory Landscape:

Health Canada is the regulatory authority responsible for ensuring safety and efficacy. And the quality of natural health products, including cosmetics. To sell your cosmetic product in Canada, you need to do two things: register it with Health Canada and get an NPN. This process helps safeguard consumers and ensures that products meet established standards.

Cosmetic Notification Form (CNF):

CNF is a crucial document that you need when you apply for an NPN for your natural cosmetic product. You submit this form online through Health Canada’s Cosmetic Notification System (CNS).

Safety Assessment:

When you create your safety assessment report, make sure to include strong evidence. And it proves your product is safe for consumers. This includes data on the toxicological profile of ingredients as well as any microbiological testing results. Safety is very important, especially in tropical areas with hot weather. And humidity can affect how well a product stays good.

Ingredient Listings:

List all the ingredients used in your cosmetic product. Ensure they are compliant with Health Canada’s regulations. In hot and humid tropical areas, use ingredients that stay fresh to make sure your product stays good

Labeling Requirements:

Compliance with labeling regulations is essential. Make sure your product label is easy to read. And has all the important information, like the list of ingredients. Directions for use, and any safety warnings. In tropical areas, make sure to give clear advice or warnings about the weather. So that people can safely use the product.

Submission and Review:

After completing the CNF, submit it through the CNS platform. Be prepared for a waiting period as Health Canada reviews your submission. During this time, keep track of your application’s progress. And be responsive to any queries for information from the Health Canada cosmetic notification form.

How to complete the CNF?

Here’s how to complete the CNF:

  • Begin by creating an account on the CNS platform if you haven’t already. Ensure you have all the necessary information and documents on hand.
  • Fill in detailed information about your cosmetic product. Include its name, brand, intended use, and a list of ingredients.
  • Please give a report on the product’s safety for consumers. This report should have proof that the product is safe. This may include toxicity data and microbiological testing results.
  • Ensure your product’s label complies with Canadian regulations. Information such as ingredient listings, directions for use. And any safety warnings must be accurate and legible.
  • After you finish filling out the form and include all the required documents. And send it using the CNS platform. 
  • It may take several weeks to months for the health Canada cosmetic notification form to review your CNF. Be patient during this period.

Product Specifics for the Tropics:

When you want to sell things in Canada’s tropical market, you need to think about certain things.

Climate-Appropriate Formulation: 

Tropical climates often have higher temperatures and humidity levels. Ensure your product formulation can withstand these conditions without compromising quality.

Sun Protection: 

Products that provide sun protection must follow health Canada cosmetic notification form rules for sunscreens, including SPF (Sun Protection Factor) testing.

Labeling for Tropical Use:

When you’re selling your product in hot and humid places like tropical regions, be sure to have a label that says it’s suitable for such weather. You can use big labels or symbols to say that it’s good for use in tropical climates. Also, think about giving people who live in or visit tropical places some advice on how to use it. 


The choice of packaging is critical in tropical regions. Opt for containers that protect the product from excessive heat and humidity. 

Considerations and ensuring

  • These factors are taken into account and make sure your cosmetic product follows Health Canada’s rules.
  • You can introduce your natural cosmetic products into the Canadian tropical market. Remember that meeting regulatory standards not only ensures your product’s legality. 
  • But also demonstrates your commitment to consumer safety and satisfaction in tropical conditions.


Getting an NPN for your natural cosmetic product in Canada is important to make sure it’s legal and safe. By following the Cosmetic Notification Form process outlined in this guide. And tailoring your product to suit tropical conditions. You can bring your cosmetics to the Canadian market. Remember, compliance with the Health Canada cosmetic notification form ensures your product’s legality. But it can lead to your brand being successful for a long time in the tropical cosmetic market.