Why Whiteboard Videos are Great for Demand Gen

Whiteboard Videos

Whiteboard animation videos are a great business tool that serves a variety of purposes, from explaining complex concepts to establishing your brand as an expert.

In this post, we are looking at whiteboard videos from a different perspective – demand generation. We want to answer the question, “Why are whiteboard animated videos great for demand generation?” But first…

What Is Demand Generation?

In simple terms, demand generation is a marketing strategy that focuses on bringing awareness and consumer interest to your company’s products or services without selling them explicitly. The way this works is quite simple: you place the product or service strategically so that potential customers will interact with it or know it exists, even though they aren’t looking to buy it at that moment.

That way, it will be easier for them to consider your product whenever the need arises. Demand generation is a long-term marketing effort that targets “out of the market” buyers. By using top-of-the-class whiteboard animation video services from a renowned provider like The Sketch Effect, you can raise awareness of your product in a simple and interesting way.

Why Use Whiteboard Videos for Demand Generation?

Whiteboard animation videos have a set of qualities that make them ideal for demand generation:

1. They Educate and Inform

The main aim of demand generation is to develop awareness around a product or service while ensuring that potential consumers understand exactly how and where the product or service would benefit them. Whiteboard animation videos excel in anything related to information delivery, which is why they are often chosen for educational video content.

With the right setup, you will educate audiences at the awareness stage in a way that makes them want to consider your product later.

2. They Are Perfect for Building Trust

Whiteboard explainers are designed in a way that makes the viewers naturally associate them with having a teacher explain something to their students on a whiteboard. As long as you are sharing informative content that is helpful in real life, your audience will see you as an expert in your field.

That perception will make them trust you more, thus they are likely to take the desired action once they are ready.

3. They Simplify Complex Concepts

There are times when the buyers you are targeting will fail to respond positively simply because they don’t understand your product well and how it’s going to be helpful in their lives. Such times call for a simplified method of explaining the information so that even someone who never thought they needed your product wonders just how much they’ve missed already by purchasing it so late.

With whiteboard explainers, you get the chance to clear everything up, so that your audience understands fully how you are benefiting them.

4. They Are Shareable and Long-Lasting

Humans have brains that are hard-wired to find a thrill in telling stories. We all want a great narrative that has a perfect ending – we naturally navigate to where there is excitement. When you create lovely whiteboard animation videos that entertain as much as they educate, the viewers will find loads of value in such content.

They’ll want to be the first source of the information you are sharing before their friends and other connections get their hands on the content. Driven by the urge to wear the pride of being helpful to someone, they’ll instinctively share the videos. And, the good thing about such videos is they remain relevant for years, serving the purpose of demand generation being a long-term marketing strategy.

There You Have It,

Whiteboard videos are the marketing tool that will slowly guide your business toward a trajectory of success. They are ideal for demand generation and will effectively bring “Out of Market” customers on board without being assertive in any way. By teaming up with animation experts from The Sketch Effect, you can create videos that do more for a longer time, so get started today!